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Also called bid price. Stock Exchange. Words related to bade tender , propose , submit , wish , invite , solicit , venture , render , present , proffer , call , tell , greet , desire , warn , require , demand , request , instruct , direct.

Blade confronts Frost after killing all of his minions, including Blade's mother. During their fight, Blade injects Frost with all of the syringes, causing his body to inflate and explode, killing him.

Karen offers to help Blade cure himself, but he asks her to create a new serum he can sustain on instead, as he intends to continue his crusade against vampires.

In a brief epilogue , Blade confronts a vampire in Moscow. Goyer writing the script. According to Goyer, New Line originally wanted to do Blade as "something that was almost a spoof" before the writer convinced them otherwise.

When Goyer first pitched the idea of doing a Blade film, the executives of New Line felt there were only three actors who could possibly do the role: Snipes, Denzel Washington , and Laurence Fishburne , but to Goyer, Snipes was always the perfect choice for Blade.

Marc Singer was also considered for the role. Mark Wahlberg was also considered for the role of Frost. Skeet Ulrich lobbied for the role of Frost.

All sets were constructed, and all on-set filming occurred, in what was formerly the Redken Shampoo factory in Canoga Park.

The British techno band The Prodigy was approached to do the soundtrack and score to the film but had to turn down the offer due to other commitments.

The first cut of the film was minutes long. It had a disastrous test screening with audiences. Heavy edits and re-shoots were implemented which delayed the release date for more than half a year.

The most significant change was the addition of the final sword fight between Blade and Deacon Frost, which did not exist in the original cut.

In the original ending, Frost turned into La Magra and became a large swirling mass of blood instead of keeping his form. This was scrapped because the filmmakers could not get the special effects to look right.

It can be seen as a special feature on the DVD. Stan Lee originally had a cameo that was ultimately cut from the film.

He played one of the cops that came into the blood club during the aftermath and discover Quinn's body on fire.

The scene where Karen and Deacon are talking about the cure for vampirism initially ran slightly longer and answered the question of how the vampires would feed if everybody was turned into a vampire.

They would keep some humans alive in giant blood bags to harvest them. The bags can still be seen in a doorway during the scene, and later played an integral part of the plot in Blade: Trinity.

The comic Blade used teakwood knives and was much more the everyman in his behavior and attitude. Though courageous and brave, he displayed flaws as well, such as an inability to get along with certain other supporting cast members and hatred of vampires that bordered on fanaticism.

The character was not originally a "daywalker" but a human being immune to being turned into a vampire. Lacking the superhuman speed and strength of his undead quarry, he relied solely on his wits and skill until he was bitten by the character Morbius as seen in Peter Parker: Spider-Man 8, first published in August The film portrayal of Blade was updated for a s audience and the comics character was subsequently modified to match.

The film's version of Deacon Frost also differs greatly from his comic counterpart. Although the film retains Frost's upstart ambitions, he was a great deal younger and more updated for the s.

Blade was Marvel's first box office success, and set the stage for further comic film adaptations. Blade followed Howard the Duck as the second Marvel property to get a wide theatrical release in the United States.

The film went to number one in both Spain and Australia for their opening weekends. The site's consensus states: "Though some may find the plot a bit lacking, Blade' s action is fierce, plentiful, and appropriately stylish for a comic book adaptation.

Roger Ebert gave the film 3 stars out of 4, writing: " Blade It uses the extreme camera angles, the bizarre costumes and sets, the exaggerated shadows, the confident cutting between long shots and extreme closeups.

It slams ahead in pure visceral imagery. For about its first hour, the movie offers violent, visceral, rapid fire entertainment that concentrates as much on developing a distinctive atmosphere as on advancing a minimalist storyline.

Unfortunately [ Club was critical of the story and the dialogue, but praised the "creative cinematography and non-stop, decently choreographed gratuitous violence".

Critics such as A. Collins , as they possess "striking similarities in role, dramatic focus, visual appearance, and sharing the name".

A video game based on the film was published and released by Activision in In August , Snipes spoke about his desire to return to the franchise, saying: "I'd be open to it.

I think we've got some stones left unturned and there's some latitude left for us to build on and I'd love to get back in the suit again and do some things I've learned how to do now that I didn't know how to do then.

Official website. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In they recorded the theme Romme Kostenlos for Odd Job Jack. Alternative rock jangle pop college rock folk rock pop rock comedy rock geek rock [1] [2]. Retrieved May 16, September 23, Mark Wahlberg was also considered for the role of Frost. Derived forms of bid biddernoun. Sales of The Yellow Tape were jump-started when the band was taken off Bade Ladies bill for the New Year's Eve concert in Nathan Phillips Square outside Toronto City Hall because a staffer for then-mayor June Rowlands saw the band's name and felt it objectified women; [15] the decision was further affirmed by city councillor Chris Korwin-Kuczynski. Archived from the original on December 20, By the end Spielothek finden Hohehaus Beste in February, Toronto City Council revised its rules for event bookings at Nathan Phillips Square in the hopes of avoiding another similar controversy. Miami Herald. Trotz leicht dezimiertem Kader, haben die Baden Ladies dann heute in Mannheim nachgelegt und gewonnen. Berlin Sophia. Das Heimspiel am more info Baden Ladies 3. Hannover Monika. Mainz Sari. Teraz nie. Oktober - viel später als alle a Start Anzeigen Themawechsel Merkzettel 0. Bad Oeynhausen Mia. Click Ladies 2. Dennoch kann die Mannschaft von Trainer Terry Trenholm mit dem Ausgang des Turniers sehr zufrieden sein, das Niveau der einzelnen Mannschaften war sehr hoch. Der Eintritt ist frei.

Several alternate versions are available, including downloadable versions and a USB flash drive version.

The B. That same year, the band wrote and recorded the theme song for the television series The Big Bang Theory. On May 6, , the band released an album of original material aimed at children entitled Snacktime!

The album features the artwork by Kevin Hearn in its liner notes , which is also available in the form of a hardcover book with the CD included.

The album was promoted with a series of television appearances and in-store appearances at bookstores in the north-eastern and west coasts of the United States, as well as Toronto.

In July , the band chose to cancel scheduled appearances at several Disney Music Block Party concerts following Page's arrest on allegations of cocaine possession.

On February 24, , Barenaked Ladies and Steven Page separately announced that Page had left the band by "mutual agreement.

Our relationship with Steve Page was great and very fruitful. It lasted almost 20 years, but it was time to move on.

Now we're doing something that feels really fresh and exciting to me. His departure left four singers and three multi-instrumentalists in the band, so we're not lacking for musical ideas, and now there's more room for the other writers in the band to bring songs to the table.

All in Good Time was generally well-received by the critics. When asked about Page's departure, Tyler Stewart said, "We don't keep in touch, but we certainly we [ sic ] wish him the best, and there's good will there.

He added that it felt strange the group continued to use the same name and perform the songs that he wrote and performed.

Page later commented in August that around the subsequent time of his arrest for possession of cocaine, "the band was no longer the joyous place that it once was, but it hadn't been joyous for a long time before that.

It wasn't that we didn't put on good shows, we still had a great time onstage every night," he added. However, by mid, the band had been dropped from the production.

The band returned to the studio in May to record a single, "Boomerang". The session was produced by Gavin Brown. The band had mentioned the possibility of abandoning the album concept and releasing only singles and EPs.

However, the band went into the studio in February and March to work on a full album, [50] which was released as Grinning Streak on June 4, The band signed with Vanguard Records for the release, their first label album of originals since going independent following 's Everything to Everyone.

Each of the latter singles had a music video produced by Rooster Teeth Productions. BNL began work on a new album in December It was released on April 14, The band returned to the studio in the winter of to record their twelfth studio album, Fake Nudes.

The band performed alongside former members Steven Page who was included in the induction and Andy Creeggan. This was Page's first performance with the band since his departure in Though there are reportedly no plans for another reunion, neither side has ruled it out.

On January 14, , frontman Ed Robertson stated he was working on songs for a new album. In conjuncture with the tour announcement, the band also launched the "Barenaked Bytes" mobile app , where fans can gain access to ticket pre-sales, VIP packages, news, and discounts on merchandise.

Starting on March 29, , the band began releasing a series of webcam based performances that they have dubbed SelfieCamJam on their official YouTube channel in response to need for isolation during the COVID pandemic.

Barenaked Ladies has often attempted to use new technologies to promote themselves and their music. They were among the early adopters of computers for promotion when they released an "Interactive Press Kit" on a 3.

They used their website to allow fans to choose between two songs "Be My Yoko Ono" and "Alternative Girlfriend" for inclusion on their greatest hits CD Disc One though polling was nearly tied and both songs were included.

Beginning in April , the band started a blog on its website to keep fans updated personally, coinciding with the band's return to the studio for Everything to Everyone.

During a subsequent studio session, for Barenaked Ladies Are Me , Ed Robertson began a podcast in addition to the blog, which ran from February to August with a series of four videos added in early with highlights from the band's first cruise.

The band has adopted many of the current online social networking sites, including accounts on MySpace , Facebook , and Twitter.

The Twitter feed has been integrated into the band's website, and it also typically announces new blog posts with a link. These accounts have been used for contests and to debut new tracks.

Different band members have also had individual accounts on these sites at times. Barenaked Ladies has sold recordings of almost all of its live concerts since early By the end of , lossless FLAC files were also offered.

Professionally printed copies of some concerts were later offered through some isolated record stores, and some shows have been added to the iTunes Music Stores and other digital retailers.

The band was praised for a unique use of USB flash drive technology. The group offered its Barenaked For the Holidays album on a customized flash drive in MP3 format, with extras including bonus tracks, and photos and videos from the studio sessions for the album.

The group described the product as a test of the technology and the market for that technology. The band also incorporated the technology into its live music sales, offering fans a copy of concerts in MP3 format on a USB stick at the merchandise booth directly after the show.

In the band took part in an interactive documentary series, City Sonic. The series, which featured 20 Toronto artists, includes Tyler Stewart reflecting on his memories of the now closed Ultrasound Showbar.

The films were accompanied by an iPhone application, which uses Global Positioning System GPS technology to unlock more videos when the user is close to the specific location.

In February , the Barenaked Ladies participated in what was billed as the "first space-to-earth musical collaboration" [78] involving the band and Chris Hadfield , a Canadian astronaut and commander of the International Space Station , along with the Wexford Gleeks, a Canadian student choir.

The group, Hadfield and the choir performed a song "I. Following a lead from other artists, the band held a fan cruise called "Ships and Dip", January 15—19, Many of the same artists were joined by newcomers such as Great Big Sea , who were a headlining performer.

The third annual cruise, "Ships and Dip V", sailed February 1—6, , again featuring some returning and some new artists, adding Sarah McLachlan as an opening act for each of the band's three main theatre shows.

Page left the band shortly after Ships and Dip V, and his performances onboard are his last known performances with the band. The fourth Ships and Dip cruise dubbed "Ships and Dip 4", breaking with the odd-numbered naming convention of the first three cruises sailed February 6—11, on the Norwegian Dawn from Miami, Florida.

Ships and Dip 4 was the first and thus far, only Ships and Dip cruise since the departure of Steven Page. The artists on the Ships and Dip cruises sailed on board with the rest of the passengers for the duration of the cruises; this contrasted some other music cruises at the time on which the artist or artists travelled separately to one of the cruise destinations and performed there, or joined the cruise for only a portion of the trip.

Band members enjoyed other artists' shows and most of the ship's amenities freely with the other guests.

Barenaked Ladies performed several full shows on each cruise, and the band members also commonly sat in with other artists at their shows.

The group was again nominated for Entertainer of the Year in and Group of the Year in Five more Juno nominations have followed, totalling 18 nominations for the band in addition to the two songwriting nominations.

In , they were again nominated for Group of the Year. They were nominated for and subsequently won a Juno for their children's album Snacktime!

Barenaked Ladies has received two awards from two nominations. Barenaked Ladies has received two nominations. Barenaked Ladies has received eight awards from eighteen nominations.

Further, the band members and other individuals have been nominated for four Junos for their work in connection with the band.

Barenaked Ladies has received one nomination. In the past, the awards including some vote-in People's Choice categories that were not specifically tied to videos.

Barenaked Ladies has received four awards and several other nominations. The World Music Awards honours recording artists based on worldwide sales figures provided by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

Barenaked Ladies has received one award. Barenaked Ladies have an authorized biography, which was released in , titled Public Stunts Private Stories , written by a friend of the band and fellow Scarborough native Paul Myers with input from the band.

An updated version of the biography was released in in the United States with a different cover, several corrections, and additional information about Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits and Everything to Everyone , which were released after the initial printing.

In May , Barenaked Ladies, along with other prominent Canadian musicians, formed the Canadian Music Creators Coalition in response to plans by the Canadian government to revisit and update copyright laws.

Steven Page has acted as a conduit between the CMCC and the press, urging the government to focus on the Canadian cultural scene.

Page has said the formation of the CMCC was in response to what he believes is the wrong direction taken by the RIAA and the major labels, by suing fans for filesharing.

The band has also become a proponent of environmentalism, following from Page's passion for greening he is himself a board member of WWF Canada.

The group began bringing an " eco-village " organized by the Reverb organization on their Au Naturale tour.

The band has since partnered with Reverb to form the "Barenaked Planet" project, which is the group's label for their project to progressively "green" their touring.

Efforts the band have made include ensuring backstage materials are recycled, using biodiesel in their tour vehicles B20 as of December , and offsetting carbon emissions with wind power.

This includes both band-sponsored offsets for their own emissions, as well as having volunteers sell "Barenaked Planet" stickers to concertgoers with the money going to offset their drives to the venues.

BNL are a member of Canadian charity Artists Against Racism and has worked with them in the past on awareness campaigns.

BNL have made several appearances during WE Day events, performing in front of thousands of teenagers, empowering the young students to get involved in their communities and to promote social activity through WE charity 's work.

BNL have supported hunger relief organization Rock Can Rol and together with their fans have helped feed men, women and children in need.

Stewart was part of a short-lived trio called Don't Talk Dance, which released a self-titled album in featuring Chris Brown who later sat in for Hearn with Barenaked Ladies during his lates cancer treatment.

The band reunited in the early s and has since played occasional concerts [99]. The group stopped performing regularly in the mids and have only played together on rare occasions, such as for the Barenaked Ladies' cruises.

Andy Creeggan also has several solo albums with the most recent one released in Since , Kevin Hearn has released four albums as the frontman of Kevin Hearn and Thin Buckle , and three others with solo billing with members of Thin Buckle as well as other musicians backing him.

Hearn's albums feature a mix of alternative rock and jazz with many other eclectic influences. Hearn was also the musical director and keyboardist for Lou Reed 's band from the mids until Reed's passing in October He has also released an album of love songs as "The Cousins" in with his cousin, comedian Harland Williams.

To date, the band has played four shows, but they anticipate doing a short tour when work with their other bands permit. Robertson also hosted three seasons of the television program called Ed's Up for OLN Canada in which he would fly his own plane to various locations and experience and publicize a variety of interesting occupations.

The first self-titled album was written mostly with long-time collaborator Stephen Duffy. In the wake of a band decision to try to keep songwriting amongst its then-five members, Page said that the project was an opportunity for him to write with non-BNL writers.

He indicated that a future release might including other writers and not necessarily Duffy. However, Page did not record a second Vanity Project album before his departure from Barenaked Ladies and has released his post-BNL works in his own name.

Page has also hosted a season of the reality television series The Illegal Eater , which features Page travelling to showcase food and drink experiences that are in some way taboo, illicit or outright illegal.

Also, band members both individually and together have often collaborated with other artists, such as making guest appearances on their albums, performing live, or co-writing songs with them.

In December , former member of The Beatles , Paul McCartney , was reportedly asked by a session musician which bands he enjoys in the current music scene.

The response was the Barenaked Ladies: "Their harmonies are right on. They could outsing us any day of the week. I don't think John and myself ever had the sort of range they do.

In , notable Ontarian musical historians Liam Coholan, Patrick Murphy and Jon "The Don" Dilario acknowledge in their latest Canadian music history issue that "BNL was one of the most impactful bands when it comes to discussing the development of Canadian society in the 21st century.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Canadian band. Alternative rock jangle pop college rock folk rock pop rock comedy rock geek rock [1] [2].

From left to right: Hearn, Stewart, Creeggan, and Robertson watch Page mime golfing during an ad lib in They recognize several different recipients, have runners-up and have third place.

Since this is a specific recognition and is different from losing an award, runner-up mentions are considered wins in this award tally.

For simplification and to avoid errors, each award in this list has been presumed to have had a prior nomination. Main article: Barenaked Ladies discography.

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Retrieved September 1, Archived from the original on October 1, Retrieved October 28, September 27, Archived from the original on November 14, Retrieved November 8, Retrieved April 11, March 5, Retrieved March 6, Retrieved February 19, Or do you just have an interest in words?

Either way, this quiz is for you. Words nearby bade badderlocks , baddest , baddie , baddish , baddy , bade , baden , baden-baden , baden-powell , baden-württemberg , bader.

Also called bid price. Stock Exchange. Words related to bade tender , propose , submit , wish , invite , solicit , venture , render , present , proffer , call , tell , greet , desire , warn , require , demand , request , instruct , direct.

Example sentences from the Web for bade Yanukovych bade them farewell and relinquished his right to state guards.

Where in the World Is Yanukovych? Magnhild Dust Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson. The Nibelungenlied Unknown.

Dope Sax Rohmer.

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